In-person events

If you are interested in knowing where I will be teaching in the fairly near future, see the list below, although be sure to confirm with the event’s website: some of these may still be in the planning stage, although far enough along that I know I’ll be there (global situations permitting), even if what I’ll be teaching is not fully confirmed.

If you would like to know more about the Explore 4 events (listed by date in sequence on this page), they have their own section.

If you are interested in obtaining information on what is involved in having me teach at your event, head over here. I can only accept a small number of invitations each year; I do aim for geographic diversity.

COVID-19 note

While COVID-19 is a factor in our lives, all of the in-person events are subject to change. Because I and many participants are in vulnerable (often doubly vulnerable) categories, I will be asking that all participants in my classes or workshops:

  • be effectively masked when indoors (good mask, nose and mouth covered).
  • physically distance as much as is feasible during the event.

Fortunately, the events we have held under these conditions have gone really well. Thanks to everyone who has participated and followed the guidelines!

For general information on the virus trajectory (my attempt at a crystal ball), I read a number of sources. One that has been especially useful is Your Local Epidemiologist. It’s more detailed than you need unless, like me, you’re trying to read the future in a murky crystal ball. But the author does a great job of translating what’s going on.

And now here’s what I hope to be up to in 2023, fingers crossed. . . .

There will be two sessions of Explore 4 in Fall 2023.

The topic is SHETLANDS and the material will be the same for both. The first session is waiting-list only as of November 2022.

2024 Autumn Retreat

Explore 4 Fall Fiber Retreat Friday Harbor, Washington

One session: November 4-7, 2024

Topic to be announced!

Want more information on what the retreats are like, where they’re located, and what the accommodations are like? Please see the Explore 4 pages.

November 4–7, 2024

Arrive the 3rd, depart the 8th.

As of 5/2024, this retreat is full. Register here to join the waitlist.

Previous free-for-all topics have included:

  • Shetlands
  • Gotlands (with Faith Hagenhofer)
  • The classic English longwools
  • The Down wools
  • Primitive breeds
  • Spinning for weaving
  • Color blending from primaries
  • Crossbred wools (why and how: lots of different ways crosses happen)
  • Crossbred wools (two-way crosses: results, and the ram/ewe contributing breeds)
  • Yarn structures + fiber qualities (with Sarah Anderson)

2025 Spring Four-by-Four Retreat: Four days, four compare/contrast breeds

Explore 4 Spring Fiber Retreat Friday Harbor, Washington

One session: March 17–20, 2025

This was the original Explore 4 format and is how the gathering proceeds for
most spring sessions. Over four days, we explore four breeds, selected for their
variety, history, and/or rarity, with several fleeces from each so that we can
experience both the consistency and the variety within the breed. We’ll look at
the history, fiber characteristics, and uses of each.

It often takes a year (or three) to gather enough appropriate fleeces and conduct
the necessary extensive research to feature a breed in a spring retreat. As a
result, details can change up to the last minute (I once had to change breeds
while en route to the event because the fleeces being delivered under the wire
weren’t of good enough quality—!), but feel free to get in touch to learn what’s
looking likely.

Want more information on what the retreats are like, where they’re located, and what the accommodations are like? Please see the Explore 4 pages.

March 17 – 20, 2025

Arrive the 16th, depart the 21st.

As of 5/2024, there are spaces in this session. Register here.

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