If you are interested in knowing where I will be teaching in the fairly near future, see the list below, although be sure to confirm with the event’s website: some of these are still in the planning stage, although far enough along that I know I’ll be there, even if what I’ll be teaching is not fully confirmed.

If you would like to know more about the Explore 4 events (listed by date in sequence on this page), they have their own section.

If you are interested in obtaining information on what is involved in having me teach at your event, head over here. I can only accept a few invitations each year; I do aim for geographic diversity.

Any 2020 or 2021 event not indicated below as canceled is either (1) completed or (2) tentative, depending on progress with covid-19. Apologies if this is a bit jumbled. Keeping up with the cancellations and reschedulings in this uncertain time is dicey, to say the least.

January 25, 2020    Colorado

My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Colorado
An Introduction to Breed-Specific Wools—We got this one in before the shut-down!

March 8, 2020    Colorado

Felter’s Rendezvous, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Evening talk: “Felt: The Marvelous Mystery with a Very Deep History”—We got this one in before the shut-down!

Events for 2020 and 2021

Those in RED have been cancelled and/or rescheduled due to covid-19.

March 16–19, 2020  ♦  Washington

Rescheduled to Spring 2021: March 22–25, 2021 (arrive the 21st, depart the 26th). Rescheduled again to Spring 2022: March 21–24, 2022 (arrive the 20th, depart the 25th).

Explore 4 Spring Fiber Retreat, Friday Harbor, Washington, Gotland from All Angles

See Explore 4 pages.

With guest facilitator and felt artist Faith Hagenhofer.

March 21–22, 2020  ♦  Washington

We are looking at dates for rescheduling.

BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network), Bainbridge Island, Washington
Discover Six Pacific Northwest Local Sheep Breeds

This event involves an exciting collaboration between two comparatively new organizations: BARN, the fantastic arts-and-crafts facility on Bainbridge Island (wow, what a set of studios!) and the Olympic Peninsula’s fiber-processing cooperative, Twisted Strait Fibers.

May 29–30, 2020  ♦  New Jersey

May 29 and May 30 events POSTPONED to a future date, to be determined.

New Jersey Fibershed, Bedminster and Pottersville, New Jersey
May 29: Fleeces from the New Jersey Fibershed
May 30: “The Magic of Wool”

May 31–June 1, 2020  ♦  Vermont

May 31 and June 1 events POSTPONED to a future date, to be determined.

Wing and a Prayer Farm, Shaftsbury, Vermont
Spring on the Farm Fiber Intensive Study

June 26–27, 2021 ♦  Colorado

Northern Colorado Weavers’ Guild, Loveland, Colorado

We’re planning an OUTDOOR, PHYSICALLY DISTANCED, MASK-WEARING two-day workshop that will explore local fleeces, emphasizing but not limited to rare breeds. Exciting! We get to have a workshop!

Discovering Local Wools

July 11, 2020  ♦  Tennessee

Rescheduled to July 10, 2021. May be rescheduled again.

Natural Fiber Extravaganza, Lebanon, Tennessee

Keynote: “Fantastic Fibers from Amazing Animals.”

August 9–15, 2020  ♦  North Carolina

We plan that this event will occur in 2022.

John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina

September 18–19, 2020  ♦  Colorado

Rescheduled to September 24–25, 2021. May be rescheduled again.

Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR), Boulder, Colorado

October 17–18, 2020  ♦  Washington

Rescheduled to October 16–17, 2021. May be rescheduled again.

Fiber Fusion Northwest, Monroe, Washington

November 9–12, 2020  ♦  Washington

November 8–11, 2021  ♦  Washington

2020 rescheduled to Fall 2021: November 8–11, 2021 (arrive the 7th, depart the 12th).

We hope and trust that this event will actually happen November 8–11, 2021.

Explore 4 Fall Fiber Retreat, Friday Harbor, Washington
Classic English Longwools

See Explore 4 pages. Arrive the 7th, depart the 12th.

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