The more I know about fibers, the more I appreciate working and playing with them. I’m guessing the same is true for you, which is why you’re here! I hope you’ll join me on my newest exploration: my series of Fiber Guidebooks.

When I finished researching and writing The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook and The Field Guide to Fleece, I knew I had only begun to satisfy my curiosity about the fibers and the animals I had been studying. One of the reasons that I teach the Explore 4 retreats in Washington state is to give myself a framework and deadline for preparing additional research—as well as wonderful people to share it with! And time to play with the fibers.

Part of my preparation in the Explore 4 retreat process is to create fiber guidebooks for each of the topics we’ll study during the retreat; I print them on high-quality paper in bound format and bring one for each participant. I know it’s not possible for everyone to attend an Explore 4 retreat with me each year, so I’ve decided to bring a taste of Explore 4 to the rest of the world and offer these guidebooks for sale.


Although I’ve been working with textiles my entire life and spinning, manipulating, and studying fibers for literally decades, this research gives me the opportunity to discover new depths of information and to dig into, and provide background for, common misconceptions. When I write for magazines, my reference lists are most often either abbreviated or eliminated. The publications I offer here include footnotes and resource lists (which I hope I have formatted so that they support, yet don’t interfere with, my presentation of the intriguing facts that I’ve unearthed).

The handouts are heavily illustrated, because I find photos and diagrams extremely helpful to my understanding.


What’s included in the Fiber Guidebooks?

The guidebooks range in size from 8 to 16 square pages (now and then one may get longer), and all are double-sided and in full color. You have the option to purchase a print version or a PDF digital version, whichever you prefer.

The current topics include:

  • Sheep breed focus: North Ronaldsay
  • Sheep breed focus: Cormo
  • Sheep breed focus: Karakul
  • Fiber animal focus: Huayaca alpaca (with lots of general alpaca information)
  • Fiber animal focus: Suri alpaca
  • Fiber animal focus: Paco-vicuña
  • Fiber and fabric: Pilling
  • Fiber and fabric: Felting
  • General knowledge: Wool Types (electronic version available free with newsletter sign-up)
  • General knowledge: Rare Sheep Breeds (electronic version available free with newsletter sign-up)

I’ll be regularly updating the selection to include new topics as I have the time to put together the documents. Each document contains a combination of theory and practical knowledge for fiber arts enthusiasts of all skill levels.


Are you ready to explore with me?

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