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Fall: November 4–7, 2019. Explore 4 “Wild Card” Fiber Retreat: Color Blending with Wool and Limited Palettes. Okay, so I thought we wouldn’t be doing much with theory in this retreat but would just be playing with color. It turns out I’ve accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge over the years, so yes, I’ll talk about theory—and I’m already knee-deep in preparing the background handout. However, the blending we’ll be doing will be grounded in just doing it, producing a multitude of colors out of what painters refer to as limited palettes: small groups of selected colors that open gateways to many others. You don’t have to have a bunch of colors in your stash to produce rainbows. And . . . if you start with a limited palette, the resulting colors will be harmonious. It’s a lot of fun. I could spend weeks just blending colors. Yes, we’ll also work with breed-specific wools, to develop a sense of how color works on different bases, although our primary experiments will use Corriedale. Click here to register.

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Spring: March 16–19, 2020. Explore 4 Fiber Retreat: Gotlands from All Angles. We’ll be experiencing a single breed from all sorts of angles: as fleece direct from the sheep, and from several sources (the genetics are interesting); in a couple of commercially processed forms; we’re working on facilities arrangements for a washing sequence; we’ll probably felt a bit. We’ll definitely spin. Among other things, you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of both working from a whole fleece and buying prepared top or roving. As usual, all sorts of questions and experiments will arise.

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Fall: November 9–12, 2020. Explore 4 “Wild Card” Fiber Retreat: Topic to be determined.

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