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Spring: March 20–23, 2023. Explore 4 Fiber Retreat: Four-by-four. Over four days, we’ll explore four breeds, with several fleeces from each to experience both consistency and variety within the breed. This is the classic Explore 4 format. We’ll look at the history, fiber characteristics, and uses of each breed. Specific breeds can change up to the last minute depending on supply constraints, but feel free to get in touch to learn what’s looking likely. Plan to arrive March 19 and depart March 24. Click here to register. 

Fall: November 6–9, 2023. Explore 4 Fiber Retreat: Shetlands option 1. Plan to arrive November 5 and depart November 10. This session is waiting-list only. Click here to join that waiting list.

Fall: November 13–16, 2023. Explore 4 Fiber Retreat: Shetlands option 2. Plan to arrive November 12 and depart November 17. Click here to register.

The two weeks will cover the same material.

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