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CANCELLED due to Covid-19 concerns. In the process of rescheduling to Spring 2021.

Spring: March 16–19, 2020. Explore 4 Fiber Retreat: Gotlands from All Angles. We’ll be experiencing a single breed from all sorts of angles: as fleece direct from the sheep, and from several sources (the genetics are interesting); in a couple of commercially processed forms; we’re working on facilities arrangements for a washing sequence; we’ll felt a bit. We’ll definitely spin. Among other things, you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of both working from a whole fleece and buying prepared top or roving. As usual, all sorts of questions and experiments will arise. Guest facilitator and felt artist Faith Hagenhofer will be joining us!

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Fall: November 9–12, 2020. Explore 4 “Wild Card” Fiber Retreat: The Classic British Longwools. There are eleven classic British longwool sheep breeds, most of which are on the rare-and-endangered lists. Some are available as purebreds in North America; some are here as upgraded flocks (a breeding process to introduce types not here before biosecurity measures were implemented); and some are still only available from the British Isles. I’m working on having samples of all of them to explore and compare. They range from the comparatively fine Bluefaced Leicester to the extremely sturdy Devon and Cornwall Longwool: there’s a lot of variety in this class of wools!

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