Deb in Shetland
Photo by Mary Macgregor.

In February/March and in November, I facilitate four-day fiber retreats in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. Each is a relatively small gathering for which I spend a year or two planning, and then collecting and preparing fibers. These are retreats: they are structured to include a bounty of information and fiber within a daily plan that allows everyone (including me) time to relax.

Each of the retreats takes place at the fabulous Lakedale Resort in Friday Harbor, Washington, and each one is catered by an outstanding island chef, using fresh, local ingredients. The format for each retreat is slightly unique, but the atmosphere remains the same: a gathering of fiber-loving folks, excited to learn more and unwind for a week of exploration and fellowship.

Deb Robson

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Each of the retreats I facilitate takes on a slightly different theme. In the most basic terms, they are:


Spring 2020 – March 16–19

2020—Explore 4 Fiber Retreat – Gotlands from All Angles

March 6, 2020: CANCELLED due to Covid-19 concerns. In the process of rescheduling to Spring 2021.

We’ll be experiencing a single, versatile breed from all sorts of angles: as fleece direct from the sheep, and from several sources (the genetics are interesting); in a couple of commercially processed forms; we’re working on facilities arrangements for a washing sequence; we’ll probably felt a bit. We’ll definitely spin. Among other things, you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of both working from a whole fleece and buying prepared top or roving. As usual, all sorts of questions and experiments will arise.

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Fall 2020 – November 9–12

2020—Explore 4 Fiber Retreat – The Classic English Longwools

Arrive the 8th, depart the 13th.

Some of these wools will be familiar to State-side spinners, while others are rarely available outside the British Isles (although right now those particular wools are in boxes, right here, waiting for us). Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Cotswold, Devon & Cornwall Longwool, Greyface Dartmoor, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln Longwool, Romney, Teeswater, Whiteface Dartmoor, Wensleydale: there’s lots of wool variety in these well-established (but now mostly rare and endangered) breeds of sheep!

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If you’re not sure if Explore 4 is you, or you’d just like to learn more about these events (including inspiration, history, location, and cost), click here for all the details you’ll ever need about Explore 4 or get in touch through the contact page.

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