Finished book: High IQ Kids!

A UPS truck pulled up at the curb in front of the house early this morning and delivered an author’s (in this case, editor’s) copy of High IQ Kids! This is an "advance" copy, although not an "advance reader’s copy" or ARC, because it’s the real book, freshly unpacked from the printer’s shipment before the … Read more

176 pp. + 13 new illus. + 3K + support ticket 070712-001810 + fiber

176 pp. + 13 new illus. Ethnic Knitting Discovery: I am laying out this book, which will be released this October, at 176 pages. Not 160, as planned and announced. Decision made yesterday and updated in databases (BowkerLink = Books in Print; distributor’s database; those two will link to myriad other databases; some of the … Read more

Deborah Pulliam’s articles and reviews in Spin-Off magazine

Although Deborah Pulliam contributed articles to many publications, her writing for Spin-Off  blends many interests and sheds light on her unique and substantial contributions to the world around her. As I looked through what she had written for this one magazine (of which I was editor from 1988 to 2000), I began to pull out … Read more

In honor of my friend, Deborah Pulliam

Later today, I’m going to take a few minutes for a cup of tea and a bit of knitting in honor of my friend, Deborah Pulliam. Knitter and writer Carol Rhoades came up with the idea by e-mail and I decided to join her in spirit, if not in person. If you read this today, … Read more

A few hours in New York City: Subversive knitting?

I’m in New York City for the annual conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. I flew into LaGuardia for the first time, and in the process got to see the Statue of Liberty "for real" for the first time (not just a photo) as the plane flew north across the city toward … Read more

Sustaining the creative life: From the big picture to a single breath

Guest and topic: Eric Maisel and Ten Zen Seconds Today I’m en route to the East Coast for the American Society of Journalists and Authors conference, followed by a quick stop at the fall sales conference for our distributor, National Book Network. The photo shows part of what I’ve packed for the trip. The guest … Read more