The reason(s) I have not written a post in a very long time

There will be no photos in this brief post for a reason that will become clear near its end (at item #4). There will be some screenshots. I have screenshots. Note: I have a lot of backups. It's good that I have a lot of backups. When something is wrong with a computer communications system, … Read more

Scrivener and the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook

—> Long post warning Before I launch into a fairly technical discussion, I want to mention one of the things that makes it all worthwhile. This week's Spinning Daily newsletter shows what Betsy Alspach did following the SOAR workshop that she took with me this past October. Thanks to Betsy for continuing her enjoyment of … Read more

It’s been busy around here . . .

. . . and I have a backlog of ideas for posts. For some of them, I need to find the items to photograph, and I haven't had time to organize the office (or the rest of the house) for the next phase of research and work. Here are some of the reasons why. . … Read more

On trial versions of software

This is an aside to another post that I’m working on, but it’s gotten long enough that I’m just going to put it out there while I continue writing about the main topic. I’ve been working on learning several new pieces of software. I’ve had to figure out how to do new things with Adobe … Read more

Photos of hope and new horizons

Things have been quiet around here while I plug and unplug cords, move equipment, and calculate (without sufficient knowledge) power draw parameters. There's hope: And new horizons (still wrapped in a protective covering): Amazingly, after I figured out that I didn't have to move the old CPU in order to make room for it plus … Read more

Swatching for low-investment socks, and a nifty new tool

So I've finished the wonderful afghan for the book project about Dorothy Reade's lace designs and the work is piled up around me, but I need some knitting. I need to have a fill-in project that I don't need to think or care much about. It can't be boring, though. I'm behind on deadlines, and … Read more