The reason(s) I have not written a post in a very long time

There will be no photos in this brief post for a reason that will become clear near its end (at item #4). There will be some screenshots. I have screenshots. Note: I have a lot of backups. It's good that I have a lot of backups. When something is wrong with a computer communications system, … Read more

On trial versions of software

This is an aside to another post that I’m working on, but it’s gotten long enough that I’m just going to put it out there while I continue writing about the main topic. I’ve been working on learning several new pieces of software. I’ve had to figure out how to do new things with Adobe … Read more

dancepulse and PranaMamma: two brand new blogs

I just learned that my sister recently started a blog (and has been having computer problems), and then I got a note from a friend I’ve known for at least a dozen years (but have never met in person) who began her blog today. They are both smart, wise women who know how to write. … Read more

From PC to Mac, continued

It's been quiet around here, except for occasional exclamations of wonder and some muttering. If this post is semi-coherent, forgive me and chalk it up to too much time in training mode. Getting a Mac through its initial paces turns out to be exceptionally easy. Attempting to leap across the chasm to full professional functionality … Read more

Abby Franquemont on “should everyone spin?”

If you haven’t seen and read Abby Franquemont’s recent post on whether everyone should spin, and why, you may want to check it out. Make sure you have a few minutes for reading and thinking before you click that link, then go have fun. Yep. That’s it.

Initially reluctant blogger reaches one-year mark

One year ago today, I uploaded my first blog post. That wasn’t the first day I’d tried but the first day I succeeded. I’d been encouraged to start a blog by other participants in the ethnic knitting online group. I’d been extremely resistant to take on anything new because I was all too aware I … Read more