Fibre-East 2014 and some visiting of sheep

Okay, I’ve had to change computers and software and my entire working process. I think I’ve got the necessary tools in place now—just in time to catch up with some of the trip that is current. I’ll get back to the previous sequence later. There will be more photos than text (I hope) in order … Read more

Wool and the idea of terroir

This is another post about my trip to mainland Scotland, Orkney, and Shetland, although it's also another digression from the chronological/topical sequence. It's about fleeces. And because my blog posts are never long enough, I'll add that the Rare Breeds Survival Trust has just released its 2014 Watchlist of at-risk breeds. New to the list is Devon Closewool, … Read more

Orkney: Getting to and from North Ronaldsay

North Ronaldsay is the farthest north island Orkney, a group of islands off the north coast of mainland Scotland. It's where "those seaweed-eating sheep" live. A few other types of sheep eat seaweed, but this is the breed that's best known for it. In a later post I'll include lots of photos of sheep, but first … Read more

The Kirkwall museum, part 2 – textiles (and serendipity)

The Orkney Museum in Kirkwall requires two posts to even hint at what's there. Part 1, about textile tools, was here. Now let's look at just a few of the fiber-related items in the collection. Textiles Very early in the museum visit, a very early textile. One of the by-far most interesting items is the Orkney … Read more

The Kirkwall museum, part 1 – tools

Did I start this post a month ago? I did, indeed. Life has been intervening. I still have a pile o' deadlines that I need to pay attention to. This morning, however, I will give myself the treat of starting this particular post about: The Orkney Museum in Kirkwall, Orkney . . . another place … Read more

Mainland Orkney: Kirkwall as a home base

Kirkwall is the largest community in Orkney, and is located on the largest island, called Mainland. It makes a terrific base of operations. As with everything I'm writing about pertaining to this trip, I can't do it justice but I can offer glimpses. Here's a view of Kirkwall, with Saint Magnus Cathedral prominent: I can't … Read more