KDTV, take 2

I'm not even going to try to make this entirely coherent. That's not how life is right now. KDTV Last week I flew to Cleveland again to be a guest for three segments of KDTV series 800. KDTV is Knitting Daily TV, a program that is available for broadcast on public television stations (PBS). A … Read more

Part of why it’s been quiet here on the blog

I have many half-written posts. Getting one finished is a challenge right now. Here's an inkling of why: Well, rats. The photo I need is on the other computer. I'll add it later. (I wonder if one of the advantages to Apple's new Lion operating system may be the ability to sync photo libraries, and … Read more

Knitting Daily TV segments

Last fall, I flew to Cleveland for a day to tape two segments for Knitting Daily TV (KDTV). I just had a chance to see what we did! (It's very strange to see myself in makeup. This is not normal at all.) Yesterday the folks who put together the TV series released a blog post … Read more

UK Knit Camp aftermath, and human/dog creative play

I'm working on another post about UK Knit Camp. I don't know when I'll get it finished, but in the interim I have been doing what I think is an amazing job of dealing with the follow-up stress. Yet there have been indicators that all is not as mellow as I wish, perhaps because I've … Read more