May newsletter: Considering hand carders

Four sets of hand carders

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve already received this discussion, along with extra links to upcoming workshops. Although as I put this together, I added a couple of update sentences. _________________ Considering Carders I just spent two pleasant days hanging out at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder, Colorado, with a bunch of other … Read more

Rambling around Shetland, 3–flexible planning

The key to success for my recent trip to Shetland consisted of two parts: (1) a series of goals, defined yet amenable to constant modification, and (2) a very flexible schedule. For example, on my first visit to see a particular flock of sheep at Burland Croft Trail, it was raining; I didn’t have the … Read more

Cunningsburgh (Shetland) show, part 3 – other fibery things

I didn’t see everything at the Cunningsburgh show, even though I think I was there for nine hours. No, it’s nowhere near as big as the major festivals in the U.S., but there was an abundance of things of extreme interest and quality. I only saw the horses and ponies from a distance, and didn’t … Read more

Aberdeen to Shetland

I came into Aberdeen on the train from Cumbria. It’s a big station, and a friend had helped me with how to get from train to ferry, and the internet and the same friend helped me figure out that I’d better eat at the shopping mall adjacent to the train station, because there’s nothing at … Read more