It’s all happening at the zoo. . . . part 1

A month ago, I drove to Wichita, Kansas, to present a session at the annual conference of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). My session was for people who are keeping rare-breed sheep on how to market their wool to spinners and other fiber folks. This is a part of the conservation equation that I've … Read more

Spotlight on four rare breeds of sheep

The November/December 2011 issue of PieceWork magazine has arrived! The issue's focus is wool, and editor Jeane Hutchins and I talked early in the planning process about what I might contribute to it. The result is "On the Edge: How a Handful of People Have Preserved Some Rare, Valuable Sheep and Their Wools," which starts … Read more

Traveling fiber emergency

I've been insanely busy. I'm stealing time for this post. While driving 3400 miles in August, I also knitted about 18 swatches (more on that later). I also had a traveling fiber emergency. It led, as such things do, to memorable experiences en route. In this case, those experiences involved almost no panic and several … Read more

A pilgrimage to see the Two Grey Hills/Toadlena weavings

On March 15, Penny Tschantz dropped a couple of comments on my January 17 post about recording the rare-breeds DVD set for Interweave. In one, she told me about a book, Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country by Marsha Weisiger. I now have a copy, although I haven't had time to start reading it. In … Read more

Pondering that exhibit in Santa Fe. SO tempted.

Typepad has gotten a little too efficient. I thought I was posting a response to a comment, and the system made it a new post, which I can't figure out how to delete. However, I can figure out how to expand what I said, so it makes sense without its original context. So what I … Read more

Back to basics: Navajo-Churro fleece, raw and gorgeous

There’s something exquisitely elemental about raw fleece of any breed, and there’s special joy for me in Navajo-Churro, a rare breed that’s most at home in the southwestern United States. On Saturday I began to get acquainted with a few samples that have arrived here as part of one of the Big Projects I’m working … Read more