Moving north

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Before leaving for the north, we washed one of the Ryeland fleeces from the Scottish Smallholder and Grower Festival. It will dry while we're traveling. It's a good thing we had a nice bottle of Power Scour handy. Clouds and … Continued

Tough times

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It's been quiet around here because life has been intervening. Yes, we are in the area affected by the Colorado flooding, but our personal household is dry and has utilities, and even when the roads have been closed in all … Continued

Remembering Mom

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The family is gathering this week to catch up with each other, and to remember my mother, Allene Robson, who died May 31. Here's a representative sample of the group, including Mom (in the light blue sweatshirt), at a previous … Continued

First Sheep, a partial bibliography

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For its inaugural issue in 2013, PLY Magazine asked me to write about the history and development of sheep from their first origins: genetics, breeds, development, from point 1 to the present. As usual, I couldn’t resist the challenge. I … Continued

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