Craftsy online class: Know Your Wool

A while back, Liz Gipson, who was an assistant editor of Spin-Off after my years at Interweave Press, asked if I'd consider presenting an online class through a new outfit called Because I know and like Liz, I said okay, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out to be … Read more

Lovely Lincoln Longwools, Estes Park Wool Market, and

Last weekend I was at the Estes Park Wool Market both days. On Saturday, I went up with friends, to do some scouting for the video work scheduled for Sunday in conjunction with a course I'm doing for I'd already connected with some of the folks we would be visiting with for the filming, … Read more

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2012

I'm so far behind on blogging that I'll never catch up, so here's an overview of this year's wonderful Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I taught a two-day workshop on rare wools, participated in as much of the book signing as I could get to, and facilitated two walkabout classes in the barns, which was … Read more

Choosing the breeds for Explore 4

For the survey classes on wools that I teach (on both general breed-specific wools and rare-breed wools), I aim to have a variety of types of sheep represented in the fibers I collect to share with people. The final line-up always involves an interesting balancing act, limited by what's available when the fiber-gathering takes place: … Read more

Playing with yarn

I'm acquiring and preparing fibers and yarns for upcoming workshops. The amount of up-front work, and its complex nature, is one reason I only accept a small number of teaching opportunities each year. (Over the course of 2012, I'll be teaching in Washington, Maryland, Minnesota, California, Alberta, and Michigan.) First up is the Madrona Winter Retreat, … Read more

Spinning Lincoln wool in the sunshine

It's a crisp day in the Rocky Mountains. I'm tucked into a bright space warmed by sunshine. I've been spinning Lincoln, which is one of the English luster longwools. They're called lustrous because they're brilliantly shiny. Yesterday I spun singles. Today I began combining them into a two-ply strand. The three wraps of thicker, more … Read more