Wee caps and coming Arctic Lace blog tour

I have a nice stash of tiny caps piling up to send to Caps to the Capitol. It’s still growing. As of yesterday, though, I was back work at half-throttle—should have been a quarter, but several of the tasks I’d delayed or gotten extensions on couldn’t be put off any more. No matter how much … Read more

Compromises: line-by-line patterns

I’m sure that the tech support person for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) company has to follow a script when he attempts to determine what is wrong with the unit a customer is calling about. We have been working back and forth by e-mail. Yesterday, his message to me was, in sum, “I understand your … Read more

Small publishing: interruptible power supply

The thing about being a very small business is that there’s frequently no one else available to wear any of the hats. Since I flew back from Anchorage a week ago, I have been—among other things—serving as my own tech support. The primary computer began to shut down randomly and unexpectedly. It would turn itself … Read more

Not-quite-expected delivery, part 3

Because the delivery arrived three to five days early, I hadn’t yet taken time to move the other cartons in the garage and make space for these new ones. I couldn’t leave the boxes sitting outside. Even in a semi-arid climate experiencing drought, each afternoon brings a chance of rain. Even though this is a … Read more

Not-quite-expected delivery, part 2

Ah, little did I know how much the mysterious and persistent thumping would disrupt the house and my next few weeks. I finally did pull myself away from the computer—What was I doing? Editing something? Doing layout? Reading about turk’s-head knots on the web? Taking a break by checking Nake-Id Knits or Yarn Harlot?—and go … Read more

Not-quite-expected delivery, part 1

Here’s part of the post I lost last week. Still cautious about vaporized messages, I’m going to make the rewrite fall into sections. Just over a week ago—on Tuesday in the early afternoon—I was working in my basement office when I heard a loud thumping outside. It seemed to be near the house. I couldn’t … Read more