Cunningsburgh (Shetland) show, part 1 – overview

I’ll be ever-grateful to Elizabeth Johnston for the heads-up (before I’d booked my travel to Shetland) that the Cunningsburgh show would be happening on August 13. I was able to arrive in time to see the show in its entirety, instead of arriving two days late. I had to sacrifice an open spinning day in County Durham to … Read more

Mainland Orkney: Kirkwall as a home base

Kirkwall is the largest community in Orkney, and is located on the largest island, called Mainland. It makes a terrific base of operations. As with everything I'm writing about pertaining to this trip, I can't do it justice but I can offer glimpses. Here's a view of Kirkwall, with Saint Magnus Cathedral prominent: I can't … Read more

3,742.7 miles, eight states, a good book, music, and a Wyoming oasis

Ending trip mileage: 3,742.7 (6023.3km). Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, (Oregon again), California, Nevada, Utah, (Wyoming and Colorado again). Trip average: 31.8 miles per gallon, although I reached 33.7 on the outbound half (the 1100-mile section that did not include Seattle and Sacramento). The car is rated for 19 city, 26 highway. It's a manual, … Read more

One of today’s headlines, and miscellany

I'm still tracking down inventory variances in the publishing software. That's boring. So we move to these digressions and diversions. . . .  Not because I "need" to put up a post (I'll never release a post unless I feel like writing it), but because I find these items interesting and my daughter said "yes, … Read more

International Bluegrass Music Association award

Andy May, my daughter's father, has won a significant music-industry award: The International Bluegrass Music Association's 2008 Recorded Event of the Year award for the album Everett Lilly and Everybody and Their Brother. (In addition to being my daughter's dad, Andy was also my husband for a number of years; because he will always be … Read more

A gem of a new PieceWork magazine, plus miscellany

I’ve been trying to get this posted for about two weeks but life has intervened. If you are a knitter and haven’t seen the new issue of PieceWork magazine (January/February 2008), you might want to grab a copy. It’s a fine gem. (That’s the cotton chenille sweater behind it; this post has taken long enough … Read more