Book: Secret Science Alliance by Eleanor Davis and friends

So the work continues, but I essentially need to refuel in mid-air. One of the ways I do that is by reading things that come at me out of the blue (often recommended by my daughter). They can't be long. They have to be interesting enough to break through my fatigue, and different enough to … Read more

Roller dog

In the midst of all the other activities around here, we have been arranging for our older dog, Ariel, to have more independent mobility. She was abandoned as a tiny puppy, so we know her age but not her ancestry. Her behavior and appearance have, throughout her life, suggested a strong Border collie component with … Read more

Where most of the work gets done

I've written about the wonderful places to which I've traveled within the past year to work on the major project that is nearing its deadline (I'm not saying "completion": it will be pulled out of my hands, far from complete, because otherwise it will not be ready for a few decades). I spent most of … Read more

dancepulse and PranaMamma: two brand new blogs

I just learned that my sister recently started a blog (and has been having computer problems), and then I got a note from a friend I’ve known for at least a dozen years (but have never met in person) who began her blog today. They are both smart, wise women who know how to write. … Read more

The creative spirit: A couple of dancers

Knitter and dancer Ann McCauley forwarded me a link today to a YouTube video. I usually have to delete anything that’s forwarded and I rarely have even a minute to go look at something on YouTube, but Ann’s taste is impeccable (and not just in knitting). If Ann had a blog she could tell you … Read more

Reading notes: Extraordinary Knowing

I just read an interesting book. This isn’t a proper review; it consists of a few reading notes. The book’s borrowed from a distant library and (1) I need to return it and (2) I need to get on to other things. The little rebellious exceptions of spooky action at a distance. . . . … Read more