Garden report, computer ?, and ah, nice fiber

This morning there’s fall in the air. It’s time for a garden-such-as-it-is report. Last week I noticed that we are not the only creatures who enjoy our plants in pots. This beastie darted in and out brazenly. Usually the squirrels taunt the dogs by racing along the tops of the fences, out of reach. Squirrels … Read more

Tomatoes and sweater ribbing

Here’s a photo of the tomatoes as we were leaving on our trip: We had a few of the little orange ones for breakfast before we left, and we took two big red ones with us. It was so nice to get into the motel last night and have fresh tomatoes from our garden as … Read more

Mini-garden progress for July 21

It’s time to check in with our gardening experiment. While I’ve happily gardened elsewhere, I’ve found this semi-arid climate incompatible with my natural horticultural style. However, with my daughter’s enabling enthusiasm, we are trying again. Here are the three tomato plants, as of today: They have managed to grow quite a bit since June 27, … Read more

Gardening progress

As counterbalance to the scurf post, here are some photos of our experimental mini-garden, as well as some old-friend roses (and a few weeds). We’ve taken off the tomatoes’ protective covers: We’ve even had a few of the little orange tomatoes to eat already. Here’s the basil, beginning to look sturdy and like it might … Read more

Those hands look awfully familiar . . .

Spinning cotton and cigar-box charkhas The new issue of Spin-Off (Summer 2008) arrived yesterday. It’s got a lot of good stuff in it. One of the especially good things is Carol Rhoades’ article on colored cottons. As I was reading it, I noticed a photograph with the caption, "A cigar-box charkha is a portable spinning … Read more

A small adventure in gardening

I’ve gardened successfully in other places I’ve lived—especially the Northwest and New England—and I grew up in the Midwest, where dirt was dirt and manure was plentiful, especially in a family that owned a few hundred (older-style) Holsteins. In all the years I’ve lived in Colorado, I’ve made efforts at gardening and have only about … Read more