KDTV, take 2

I'm not even going to try to make this entirely coherent. That's not how life is right now. KDTV Last week I flew to Cleveland again to be a guest for three segments of KDTV series 800. KDTV is Knitting Daily TV, a program that is available for broadcast on public television stations (PBS). A … Read more

It’s been busy around here . . .

. . . and I have a backlog of ideas for posts. For some of them, I need to find the items to photograph, and I haven't had time to organize the office (or the rest of the house) for the next phase of research and work. Here are some of the reasons why. . … Read more

Cheviots divided and conquered (maybe)–and a new sheep book

It's been quiet around the blog, although not in real life. Last time I checked in, we had discovered a major problem with the Cheviot treatment in the book (fortunately still in production, so changes are possible . . . although not for long). Several weeks have passed, full of deadlines and travel and lots … Read more

A wonderful, windy Puppy Up! walk

Yesterday the inaugural Puppy Up! walks to support comparative oncology research took place in twelve U.S. cities, including Fort Collins, Colorado, and through a number of "virtual" and impromptu walks. I've been involved behind the scenes with the Fort Collins walk, in honor and in support of both human and canine friends who have needed … Read more

Puppy Up! Walks for comparative oncology research

Mostly these days I'm writing captions for the book (doing the fiber images only, I've made it to page 191 out of 438). However, despite my intense focus on deadlines and daily responsibilities, I endeavor to have a slightly balanced life, so I've been doing a few other things. Here's one. On November 7, the … Read more

UK Knit Camp aftermath, and human/dog creative play

I'm working on another post about UK Knit Camp. I don't know when I'll get it finished, but in the interim I have been doing what I think is an amazing job of dealing with the follow-up stress. Yet there have been indicators that all is not as mellow as I wish, perhaps because I've … Read more