Tussah: 19?? – April 23, 2013

We were Tussah's third home that we know of. She lived with us for eight or nine years. She was somewhere between six and eight years old when she came to us. She had initially been abandoned at a reservoir in North Dakota. From there, someone picked her up and took her to the humane … Read more

High Park Fire, 10: Gardening, such as it’s been this year

This has not been a great year for gardening. Our raised beds got built a few years ago. We didn't have the repeated hailstorms pounding the tomato plants into green pulp before they had a chance to get started. There's been a drought, but the water's been applied regularly, if judiciously (none extra for the … Read more

Waltz for the Wolves

Last Saturday night was the Waltz for the Wolves, the annual major fundraiser for W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, a rescue and education organization working with wolves and wolf-dogs, which recently has been hit by the High Park Fire, although all the wolves were—over a number of days and by a number of means—relocated to appropriate alternative locations … Read more

High Park Fire, 9, relocating dogs

Our friends Kris and Earl Paige have eleven llamas, four livestock guardian dogs, and two cats (one still missing, and we are hoping she found a safe place during the fire: it's possible). Since their house and barn burned down, the Paiges need a place to live, but first the animals need to be settled. … Read more

High Park Fire, 3

As of this morning, Monday, the High Park Fire is listed as covering 58,046 acres (about 91 square miles) and at 45% contained. The word contained is one of the most important ones in the reports on progress in firefighting, so I decided to find out how it’s defined. The Virginia Department of Forestry has a … Read more


The year-turning holidays are always a bit disjointed for me. Here are a few tidbits from recent travels. First, an art assemblage I saw being constructed at Denver International Airport a while ago. It is ephemeral, as is its topic, and it will be going away. I'll miss it. It extends through both sides of … Read more