Spring in Colorado

Two days ago, we were riding our bikes in light jackets. Yesterday afternoon, this started to happen: We’re so glad the trees hadn’t started to leaf out or—harder on them—bloom: every leaf or blossom collects additional snow and increases the weight the trees need to stand up under. Evergreens have better shapes for shedding snow … Read more

Comfort and crimp

When life gets rocky, as it has been around here lately, balance and a sense of safe harbor for me can come from friends (two-footed, four-footed, and other), fibers (especially wool), and good books. Tussah Redfurr has been doing her best to fill the hole in our lives that remains following the death of Ariel, … Read more

Thoughts on evaluating the character of a lock of wool

Some people think all sheep look the same, which is kind of like thinking all dogs look the same, from chihuahuas to Great Danes. Some people think all wool is the same, and it’s boring and it itches, which is kind of like thinking all bread is white and squishy and flavorless. I’ve spent a … Read more