Bikes: Tour de Fat, part 2 – bikes

Once the parade began, it went for about 2.5 hours. There were that many people. I snapped a few photos, although mostly my job was to help promote safety in the vicinity of the corner to which I was assigned. There were two of us on duty at that spot, which was good, considering the … Read more

Bikes: Tour de Fat, part 1

The annual Tour de Fat—a manifestation of bike-centric creativity that includes a parade of thousands of people—took place in our community today. Although I generally travel quickly in the opposite direction when there's mention of a crowd, I volunteered to be a parade marshall. My reason? One of the organizations that greatly benefits from donations … Read more

Comfort and crimp

When life gets rocky, as it has been around here lately, balance and a sense of safe harbor for me can come from friends (two-footed, four-footed, and other), fibers (especially wool), and good books. Tussah Redfurr has been doing her best to fill the hole in our lives that remains following the death of Ariel, … Read more

Artposium travel 4: Glenwood Canyon

The interstate east of Glenwood Springs passes through Glenwood Canyon, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Traveling through the canyon always combines both delight and cringes of discomfort for me, close to tears. I remember it from the 1950s, when we would drive to my grandparents' house. I remember peering from the back … Read more

One sort of perfect day, part 1

Today was about as good as it gets, although I didn't get enough work done. I'll have to tell about it in two portions or it will be too long. So here's the morning. I decided to take a bike ride, and my sister thought that was a good idea. That's my bike, and my … Read more

Experimenting with bike saddles, or seats

We have our new bikes, and we are beginning to make them our own. This means adding a few things, like lights front and rear for night riding, and a back rack for my daughter's bike (mine will get one, too, but I need to find the right one), and adjusting whatever is adjustable—the front … Read more