Finding the right direction

Sometimes it's hard to find the right direction to go on the road, even though the pavement is smooth enough that riding is easy. Then a marker appears. This is a lane. But is it heading the right way? Sometimes the directional hints seem to be correct but not clear. Is this path worn out? … Read more

Biking, utility boxes, and “our” neighborhood painter

A while ago, the city of Fort Collins figured out that the least expensive way to deal with graffiti on utility boxes was to hire artists to paint murals on them. A program hiring artists to transform the transformer boxes began in 2006, and is explained in part in a PDF of the city utilities … Read more

A week away

Following the Colorado Art Ranch artposium over Memorial Day weekend, I was offered the blessing of a place to remain longer in Salida and get some (relatively) uninterrupted work done. I've done this before, while working on the book portion of The Project. (The Project continues, by the way; it's just finding its next expression.) … Read more

A pilgrimage to see the Two Grey Hills/Toadlena weavings

On March 15, Penny Tschantz dropped a couple of comments on my January 17 post about recording the rare-breeds DVD set for Interweave. In one, she told me about a book, Dreaming of Sheep in Navajo Country by Marsha Weisiger. I now have a copy, although I haven't had time to start reading it. In … Read more

For Richard, from Santa Fe: rocks on the move

I made it to Santa Fe. The unlikely trip proved well worthwhile, and I’ll have more to say about it. First, though, I want to share something I saw that reminded me of my friend Richard Cabe. Richard makes wonderful granite sculptures, some functional (sinks that smell delightfully like wet rock when the water is … Read more

Bikes: Tour de Fat, part 3 – costumes

Here are samplings of the costume creativity at the Tour de Fat last Saturday: These crayons were near the end of the route—there were about twice as many colors when I saw the group of people in this set at the start of the parade—maybe the others melted in the heat?: I never did see … Read more