The blog will be here some day

In between other responsibilities and tasks, I’m still working on the migration to WordPress. I’m expecting to take this site live next week. The blog will come along after I figure out how to copy over about six hundred image-filled posts in readable order. I have the tool. What I need is the time. . . .


2 thoughts on “The blog will be here some day”

  1. Hi. I love your books! My favorite section of the wool process is washing. Fascinating to see the transformation. My question is on wool insulation for homes. I just listened to a podcast you did with Fruity Knitting, and in it you said that wool insulation had not been vetted through the building industry. I know that it is being used in Oregon, and they use terms like R19, etc. Does it need to go through more testing, and/or what can be done to speed up that process? There are wool Batts for insulation on Amazon. Thank you for all of your incredible work and knowledge.

    • Being sufficiently precise in constrained situations like a podcast is always challenging. Wool for insulation has been approved in some locales, but it is not universally acceptable by local building codes–for example, where I live. Some friends tried to get it okayed for use in renovation of a historic building but were not successful. That was a while ago–and it’s still not possible for us, but maybe it’s getting closer.

      Thanks for your lovely words about my work!

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