A few random photos of Wales

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Just so I don’t get too far behind too fast. I’ve been in Wales. I leave tomorrow for the north of England. I'm still tweaking the photo export settings in Lightroom (new to me) to create decent images at small sizes.

It can be rainy in Wales.


Sarah Anderson, me, and Brenda Dayne at the National Wool Museum. It was a mostly rainy day with some clear spots.


Welsh Mountain sheep in Welsh mountains.


A new friend.


Welsh beach.


Welsh sea anemones.


Yes dogs, no dogs (seasonal sign; in winter, dogs are allowed in the no-dogs areas).


Many wildflowers.


Tablet weaving (at Castell Henllys).


Vistas everywhere. (Even in the rain, but not quite as extensive then.)


Flowers next to a gas (petrol) station.


Wearing a new hat (Jacob wool, from the National Wool Museum) and a handknitted sweater (Shetland wool) over a long-sleeved t-shirt (Merino wool) by the stones at Pentre Ifan (photo by Brenda Dayne).

Photo 4-2

More detailed content about previous sites and sights, currently in draft form, may appear in the near future. Sooner if I don’t spend tomorrow’s 7-plus-hour train ride just gazing out the windows and wondering about how to pronounce all those Ws and LLs. . . .


Edited to add: There's a reason that Wales is so gloriously green and has such an abundance of wildflowers.


It's time to go catch a train in the rain.


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