Rambling around Shetland, 2

When I was in Shetland last October for Shetland Wool Week, there was so much going on that I didn't have much opportunity at the Shetland Museum and Archives to do more than notice where the textile collection was and wave "see you later" at it. This time I followed up on that promise. Then … Read more

Rambling around Shetland, 1

During my time in Shetland, I focused on things I could not do elsewhere, because the time was short and precious. But there were also hours when none of the places I needed to access was open, or errands needed to be done (food, post office, map acquisition), and so on. Also my lack of … Read more

Leaving Shetland and meeting Valais Blacknose sheep

I have more Shetland posts, but my time there was so precious that I focused every minute on doing things that I can’t do anywhere else. I even went to the archives again on my way to the airport and looked at three more sets of documents. Then it was time to fly from Sumburgh … Read more

Cunningsburgh (Shetland) show, part 3 – other fibery things

I didn’t see everything at the Cunningsburgh show, even though I think I was there for nine hours. No, it’s nowhere near as big as the major festivals in the U.S., but there was an abundance of things of extreme interest and quality. I only saw the horses and ponies from a distance, and didn’t … Read more

Cunningsburgh (Shetland) show, part 2 – sheep

It was easy to spend most of my time around the sheep area at the Cunningsburgh show. There was a lot going on. Initially sheep were arriving and getting settled into their pens, although by the time I got there at 8:45 most were in place. This is a not-quite-complete view of the sheep section. … Read more

Cunningsburgh (Shetland) show, part 1 – overview

I’ll be ever-grateful to Elizabeth Johnston for the heads-up (before I’d booked my travel to Shetland) that the Cunningsburgh show would be happening on August 13. I was able to arrive in time to see the show in its entirety, instead of arriving two days late. I had to sacrifice an open spinning day in County Durham to … Read more