New to us: one slightly used dog

As of about three hours ago:


Ceilidh thinks he's okay. This is a pretty big deal. She is very "soft," but doesn't like to be pushed around. He can take a hint. (Jak, our foster, couldn't.)


In fact, even when it's hard not to step on her or body-check her, he doesn't.

We don't know what his name will be. He came with a name (Baxter), but we're not sure that's what he'll be called in our household. We're pretty sure it isn't.


2 thoughts on “New to us: one slightly used dog”

  1. Thank you, Freyalyn, for putting in your opinion of his name {grin}. So far, so very good. I think he and Ceilidh will play enough to suit both of their temperaments.

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