The Unst bus shelter

The chronology of posts for this trip is interrupted now for a glimpse of yesterday's journey to Yell and Unst, the northernmost islands in the Shetland group.


Thanks to Jeni Reid for the photo of me knitting in the Unst bus shelter. The shelter has been decorated this time in honor of the North Atlantic Native Sheep & Wool Conference, which is what I'm currently participating in.

We enjoyed a pleasant stop en route to our more official duties, along with a short knitting spell. (I got a lot of knitting done on our bus ride: I completed two demo swatches while watching out the window.)

If I had ever made a lifetime "bucket list," visiting the Unst Bus Shelter would have been one of the items on it.

I look forward to visiting it again before too long.

Also from Jeni, a she-says "gratuitous photo of sheep":


They look like Duncan Gray's ewe lambs to me (mostly born in May this year), although I'd need to check my notes to be sure of that and of the spelling of his name. Apologies if any of that information is askew. I need to walk down to the museum now. . . . Today is the day of the North Atlantic Native Sheep and Wool Conference presentations, of which one is mine.


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  1. There were too many of us knitters to fit last May on our Shetland visit! happy you got to though.

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