Scottish vocabulary lesson: dreich, drookit

First I learned dreich.


Then (this afternoon) I learned drookit.


Note the state of the map, which was fresh when I began the walk from the Lerwick Esplanade (near the town center) to my lodgings. Without that map, I'd still be out there. As it was, I overshot my turn by about a quarter-mile. (It's hard to tell which rotary leads to the appropriate road, especially in the dark.)

And here is a closer view of drookit:


I had on wool, or I would have been chilled besides. By the end of the walk, my trousers were soaked through so much that water was beginning to saturate the wool socks inside my waterproof hiking boots (the boots were dry . . . except starting to be damp inside). I would have called for a ride, but mobile phone signals are off-again, on-again in Lerwick, and they were off-again all the way from where I was to where I needed to be. Fortunately I stayed warm throughout, although I was ready to quit squishing by the time I reached shelter. Which was ten or fifteen minutes before I needed to leave again for the opening ceremonies of Shetland Wool Week.

As I came up the last hill, I looked across the road and saw a ewe sheltering on one side of a small stone enclosure with her lamb on the opposite side, both somewhat shielded from the wet. If it hadn't been so dark, and if I hadn't been soaked, I would have tried for a photo. (As it turned out, my camera was damp, too.)

Thanks to Jeni for being there and taking the photos and to Alison for suggesting the Scots words and confirming that I have applied them correctly.


2 thoughts on “Scottish vocabulary lesson: dreich, drookit”

  1. It all looks very atmospheric! Top marks for use of dialect and wearing wool. Keep having the fabulous time you’re obviously already having.

  2. Ah, we had a day like this in Cuenca. I was wearing my shoes that can walk through puddles without getting wet inside, but my feet got soaked when the rain poured right down my legs & into the shoes!
    Good job finding your way back — hope tomorrow’s dryer!

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