One Explore 4 opening (March 11-14 event)

There is one opening for the Explore 4 retreat in Friday Harbor, Washington in about ten days. Arrive Sunday, March 10, retreat March 11-14, depart Friday, March 15. I haven't advertised this at all because I don't want to disappoint people; there was a small waiting list and we've found space for everyone on it—in part by re-evaluating the space and determining that we could fit in a couple more people and their wheels. It's still small. If you're interested, get in touch with me as soon as possible at deb at drobson dot info.

Information is available here until some time later in the year when I remember to take the link down.

This is a view of the lodge where we meet, from the lake side.


Here's the fireplace in the great room where we meet:


We have four days, and we explore one fiber per day. This year's fibers are:

  • Suffolk

  • Shetland

  • yak

  • Jacob

Yesterday, my friend Kris came down the mountain and helped me pack up a bunch of fibers, starting from this pile, which is maybe as much as one-third of the fiber that's being prepared for the retreat, maybe a little less:


Another friend, Jennifer, has been washing wool for me in Washington. I bought it there just under two weeks ago and she offered to not only help me out by washing it but save me from having to haul it to Colorado and back again. She has posted a lot of captioned photos about her process.

Meanwhile, Debbie and Maxine from Island Fibers have gotten another several fleeces together for us. I like to source fibers locally when I can, and they're fantastic people (who will be coming to set up their moveable shop at Lakedale during the retreat). One of the breeds I wanted to feature—Suffolk—wasn't one that they'd located as a wool source on the islands before. They found us great fleeces and convinced the shepherd that the breed's wool wasn't just a nuisance! (Suffolk is fun.)

I've also gotten shipments from across the country (oh, make that the world), including this rooed (naturally shed) moorit (brown) fine-fleece Shetland that's in my bathtub right now. Jennifer and I have different washing techniques, which is part of what Explore 4 is about: finding the ways for each of us to enjoy spinning as a comfortable, ongoing, endless adventure.


If you'd like to enjoy an information- and experience-filled but relaxed time in a beautiful setting the week after next, let me know.

Happy almost-spring. The snow here is melting: so good to have water running down the streets! So good to have water!


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  1. It would be great to have you there, Dina. Keeping the future in mind! There will almost certainly be an East Coast event at the end of October, in case that works better.

  2. You know how much I love the West coast but yes, an East Coast event would be easier for me to manage. I look forward to hearing the details whenever you post them.

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