Finding the right direction

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Sometimes it's hard to find the right direction to go on the road, even though the pavement is smooth enough that riding is easy.


Then a marker appears. This is a lane. But is it heading the right way?


Sometimes the directional hints seem to be correct but not clear. Is this path worn out? Was it meant for someone else?


At other times the signs are well defined but confusing.


But now and again the markers are completely unambiguous: Yes, this is your path. Keep going this way.



4 Responses

  1. Susan J. Tweit

    Oh, yeah. I love this post! Especially the Ram’s head. Is that how you know it’s the right direction–because you’ll grow a full curl if you go that way? 😉

  2. Deb Robson

    It's definitely a sign that there are sheep in that direction! I think it means my Border collie instincts can come into play, Susan.

  3. Susan Gallacher-Turner

    Wonderful post…especially for the New Year. Even if you didn’t post it as such…We all need to find our direction but the best advice is to keep going.