June Hall: someone you’d like to know

My friend June Hall has been named Cumbria Woman of the Year, and a well-deserved honor it is. Not mentioned in the article at that link are a number of aspects of what June does, including her personal textile work, which warrants a spotlight of its own. Completely under the article's radar are the great help June … Read more

The Shepherd and The Shearer

I'm taking a break from my efforts to sort out the Norwegian spaelsaus (short-tailed sheep) to highlight a wonderful project that is right in line with the celebration of wool known as Wovember. It's The Shepherd and The Shearer, and if you want to be part of it here's the sign-up page, which I'm posting … Read more

I love yaks (and their fiber)

Yesterday I had the great good fortune of visiting Carl and Eileen Koop (and their yaks) at Bijou Basin Ranch. It was a 263.5-mile round trip and worth every bit of the journey. Here's part of why: The yaks charmed me completely. Backing up just a bit, here's a sign along the last bit of … Read more