Craftsy online class: Know Your Wool

A while back, Liz Gipson, who was an assistant editor of Spin-Off after my years at Interweave Press, asked if I'd consider presenting an online class through a new outfit called Because I know and like Liz, I said okay, not really knowing what I was getting myself into.

It turned out to be enjoyable and, I think, really useful, even though it involved having me make it look like I was calm and coherent in front of a camera (not one of an introvert's usual top skills). The fact that Liz was the producer and the studio folks were fantastic helped a lot.

The course was released a couple of days ago: it's called "Know Your Wool." I love that it's free—Craftsy offers free courses as a way to introduce people to the platform, which is unique, innovative, and very interesting. There are videos, downloadable materials, and easy ways to take notes, ask questions, and have discussions. In the case of the free courses, the instructors aren't required to participate in the discussions, although I've been doing that and will continue to check in from time to time, as my schedule permits.

Here's the introductory screen for people who have already signed up:

Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 1.36.45 PM

As the instructor, I'm considered already signed up {wry grin}.

If you decide to check it out, let me know what you think. The lessons are between about 10 and about 20 minutes long. Even when I got the alert that I needed to proofread the onscreen type within twenty-four hours (with several other imminent deadlines), I was able to fit the viewing into odd moments during the day and get done in time.

Also, if there are other things you'd like me to teach in an online format, let me know. I had a great time and am contemplating what to do next.

As time permits, I'll be giving the back story here on the several pieces that I made to demonstrate the concepts that I talked about in the lessons. They include the Suffolk sweater, the Merino cowl, the Bluefaced Leicester socks, and the Wensleydale socks that weren't completely finished when we were in the studio preparing the course but as of yesterday only need to be washed and blocked.

Craftsy on Twitter is @beCraftsy.

On Facebook, they've got pages at craftsy, FiberArtsClub, and KnittingClub.

On YouTube: beCraftsy.


7 thoughts on “Craftsy online class: Know Your Wool”

  1. I just finished viewing the four lessons you did on wool. They were excellent. I brought them up on my iPad and watched them while spinning. I really hope you consider doing more and that Craftsy expands their videos on spinning.
    I enjoy going to classes to expand my knowledge in the fiber arts, but having such a great resource in Craftsy to learn at home is beyond awesome :).
    You are a wonderful teacher. Please do more.

  2. Thanks so much, Robin! I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed the lessons. How good that you could watch while spinning. That's perfect.

    I love teaching in person–in part because I can put the actual fibers in people's hands–but there's only so much I can do by traveling.

  3. excellent course, very well produced and presented! i’d love to know more about different fibres in detail. i do have your book and am going to go investigate.
    thanks for doing this course – really interesting

  4. Hi, just watched the first couple of videos. I love the feel and smell of wool. I work on a sheep farm in the winter and have dabbled with spinning and knitting a variety of fleeces over the years but still have loads to learn. I loved the videos, really well presented and informative, thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks for the link! I have a two fold interest – a) crafting! b) I’m working in instructional design for elearning. So it is interesting to see what others are doing…

  6. I’m so glad people are enjoying the videos! Craftsy did a great production job. They have a clear process, and a lot of skill. I was mega-impressed with the professionalism all around.

  7. Thank you for the free online class! I really learned a lot. There are a lot of different wools that I will be checking out after learning about them in your class. I love the way that you do your swatches! I’m doing my swatches that way too now! 🙂 You are a great teacher, I look forward to your next class!

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