Teaching 2012

In a recent post, I mentioned that I am taking an online class on teaching. That's because I love doing it, but have been an infrequent teacher for the past several decades. I'm looking toward a number of teaching opportunities next year, and I want them to be the best possible experiences for everyone involved. … Read more

Spotlight on four rare breeds of sheep

The November/December 2011 issue of PieceWork magazine has arrived! The issue's focus is wool, and editor Jeane Hutchins and I talked early in the planning process about what I might contribute to it. The result is "On the Edge: How a Handful of People Have Preserved Some Rare, Valuable Sheep and Their Wools," which starts … Read more

Yesterday and today

It's been quiet around here for many reasons, including travel, planning and contract negotiations for next year's teaching, and . . . an online course I'm taking called Teach Now, coordinated by Jennifer Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen. Wow! The course is as laid-back or intense as each participant chooses to make it. Of course, … Read more

The after-SOAR parade

On Sunday afternoon, as mentors and participants piled their luggage in the lobby, then onto carts, then into shuttles or car trunks, I finally ventured out of the hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire, to see where I was. I'd been out once previously, seeking dinner, but that was a directed venture and Gwen Steege, my … Read more

Teaching at the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR)

Sunday night at about 1:30 a.m. Eastern time (the time zone I woke up in) or 11:30 p.m. Mountain time (the one I'm readjusting to), I arrived home from teaching at the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat, or SOAR, the spinning-focus conference sponsored by Interweave Press that was held this year in Manchester, New Hampshire. I've been … Read more