The spaces between things

One of the brief workshops I took at the Colorado Art Ranch artposium on Dwellings was presented by photographer Dean Dablow. He has photographed the spaces between dwellings, which are very revealing. He called his session "The Space Between Us," and offered a sampling of his photos as inspiration and then sent us out with whatever cameras we might have (some worked with iPhones) to look at the spaces between . . . anything.

I'm always interested in new ways of perceiving. We only had about 45 minutes, and couldn't go far. Fortunately, I didn't have to go far to find cool stuff. My "between" also occasionally morphed into "beneath." At the end, those of us who chose to do so could bring our image-capturing devices back inside where Dean talked with us about the photos we'd taken and what we'd discovered.

Here are some of the shots I took—I greatly enjoyed the search for the in-between.









Not exactly "between," but while I was framing the image above, I couldn't resist this one.



and . . .


I don't think I traveled more than 40 feet from the workshop space to find all of those, and more.


8 thoughts on “The spaces between things”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful workshop. I agree I love considering new ways to look at the world. Your photos are really great. I really like the first one with the in between underneath space.

  2. Thanks! I tried for a number of images with the multiple levels, but was having trouble with the depth of field. I'd often get one or two of the layers I was going for and then something critical would be out of focus. I could have done it with my old Minolta rangefinder, but I haven't taken the time to mess with digital equipment to the same extent.

    It *was* a great workshop. Laid back and productive. So was the writing one I took with BK Loren.

  3. I need a class like that! Maybe it would help me understand Orenburg lace — “Don’t count stitches, count holes…”

  4. Thanks, Sherrie! Love that you love it! You have a discerning eye, and the exquisite art-making skills to go with it. It's one of my favorites. "Found" it right toward the end of my time out looking.

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