About the Cheviots: Can I get back to you on that?

* { head —> wall } Repeat from * to end. Just a bit of insight into how this book has gone. We thought we were almost done. We thought we were just writing captions. Now I'm going to discuss one of the instances I mentioned in the last post, where the visual and textual … Read more

The Project has a face! (that is, a cover)

Finally, The Project's book aspect has a face—which is to say, a cover. There may be minor changes, but what you see here has run the primary gauntlet of approvals and revisions, and I've been given permission to share it: The book is due out in May 2011. The stage it is currently at is … Read more

A wonderful, windy Puppy Up! walk

Yesterday the inaugural Puppy Up! walks to support comparative oncology research took place in twelve U.S. cities, including Fort Collins, Colorado, and through a number of "virtual" and impromptu walks. I've been involved behind the scenes with the Fort Collins walk, in honor and in support of both human and canine friends who have needed … Read more