Blog Action Day: Water

This year I haven't signed up to participate in Blog Action Day, because it was one more thing to do and I haven't had time. Yet the topic is one I care about a great deal, having been fortunate enough to grow up in a time when we could go camping or canoeing and drink directly from streams and lakes. Now I live in a semi-arid landscape, which gives me another perspective on water. When I was in the U.K. recently, I was surprised to be in a place where low-flow plumbing fixtures don't seem to be necessary.

Late this afternoon I took a break from work, which I've been doing in a temporary location for the past couple of days, and walked around taking a few snapshots of water.

I saw this just outside the back door:


Because I don't live here, I don't know the purpose of this water bowl, although the hose that feeds it was delicately balanced, as was the rate of flow. . . .


Down the gravel drive, I saw this. . . .


Aren't the horses and ponies beautiful? There's water in that photo, too. I'll bet the line of trees behind the horses runs along either a stream or an irrigation ditch.

Across the road, this is what the landscape looks like:


Any plants that like water need to grow where there is a supply.

I walked along the road a little way and then climbed up the hill where there was a stock tank full of water:


The supply line has been set up as carefully as the green hose in the first photo.


Inside the tank . . . goldfish. Thanks to a visit with Carol Ekarius one time, I wasn't surprised and I knew why they were there. They keep the water fresh. They can live successfully in water tanks and grow to be quite large. The horses don't bother them and they don't bother the horses.


And that's water observation around here for today. It's good to have fine water to appreciate. I never take it for granted, even at home where it's available, clean and flowing, in a way that makes it seem abundant and easy.

I have my mother to thank for that, in large part. She taught us to value water long ago, in the days when we could still drink it straight from streams and lakes.




5 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Water”

  1. I bet the water bowl in the first photo is for birds (assuming there aren’t any free-roaming cats around). I love the idea of the goldfish in the horse trough, but I wonder how they manage when it freezes in winter…
    Thanks for contributing to Blog Action Day!

  2. Jody, I thought the mosquito larvae might be eliminated by the goldfish but I didn’t want to say so without checking it . . . and had neither time nor energy to do so! Thanks for adding the info. We have West Nile virus around here, so that would be a HUGE plus.

    There are lots of birds around here, Susan, but I haven’t seen a cat. The horses are probably here year-round, which means that they need unfrozen water. Whatever method is used to make that happen also takes care of the needs of the goldfish. Goldfish, being carp, are pretty hardy creatures and they do overwinter, given even a low level of environmental support. They don’t even need any feeding other than whatever comes to them by chance in the tank.

  3. The faucet was in a house I was staying in while I was doing some work this week. Unfortunately, I don't have a source! But *it exists,* so it can be found. . . . I have no idea where, and it would be an interesting internet search project to locate the manufacturer. Alas, I don't have time for this puzzle. . . . I wish I did!

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