Bikes: Tour de Fat, part 2 – bikes

Once the parade began, it went for about 2.5 hours. There were that many people. I snapped a few photos, although mostly my job was to help promote safety in the vicinity of the corner to which I was assigned. There were two of us on duty at that spot, which was good, considering the sizes of the passing mobs.

A huge variety of bikes showed up. Some were folks’ everyday vehicles. Others obviously only come out of storage once a year.

I saw two seven-seaters. This one was piloted by Rick Price, co-founder of Experience Plus! bike tours. He’s the one with the beard (recently trimmed).


Among the other configurations: long and low. . .


Triangular. . . .


Vertical. . . .


One with a wagon following, and another sort of rectanglar. . . .


Bi-directional . . . well, sort of . . . the bike went in one direction, while the pedal sets went in two directions. . . . This contraption had a fancy chain set-up that got derailed at one point, but the riders reseated the chain and kept going. . . . I think they rode the route 1.5 times like this. . . .


Mini. Lotsa pedaling to get anywhere, and all these photos were taken from my station near the end of the route (although some people may have joined the parade part way through).


Recumbent cycles were well represented. When I was getting waivers signed, before the parade began, a group of at least a dozen arrived together.


And here’s a very large boat-simulating structure being hauled by a bike:


Next: a few costumes.


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  1. Recumbents have a whole lot going for them. Those tricycles are nice and stable. I have friends who said, recently, “we can’t ride bikes because. . . .” and gave several reasons, all of which could be resolved by recumbents (which I mentioned).

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