UK Knit Camp aftermath, and human/dog creative play

I'm working on another post about UK Knit Camp. I don't know when I'll get it finished, but in the interim I have been doing what I think is an amazing job of dealing with the follow-up stress. Yet there have been indicators that all is not as mellow as I wish, perhaps because I've … Read more

Photo shoot post 5: styling

This continues (and completes) my series of posts on the photo shoot of the fibers for the book that Storey Publishing will release next spring . . . in either very late April or early May; I am hoping and trusting it will be ready by the first full weekend in May! Today's topic is … Read more

Traveling spindle kit

As an interruption to the coverage of the photo shoot, here's some information on the traveling spindle kit that has worked out best for me, thanks to those who have asked. Here's my spindle kit in the middle of a set-up for a picture of, oh, let's see: Rambouillet. Here's what's inside the container, which … Read more

Photo shoot post 4: staging

It's true: I have been doing a few things at the photo shoots other than taking snapshots of other people while they work. In fact, I've been on my feet and moving around at least 90 percent of the time; comfortable shoes have been my most important wardrobe item. The other 10 percent of the … Read more

Introducing our new pup for real

Our new family member has a name. Also a microchip (a very good addition, because she has a reputation as an escape artist . . . we are accustomed to escape artists and keep our fence in good repair, but we also like additional safety nets for the return of any potential wanderers). She is: … Read more

Photo shoot post 3: backgrounds

Backgrounds aren't something that you notice immediately when you look at the finished products of a photo shoot. What you see (ideally) is the item that is the primary subject of each photo. Yet backgrounds are critically important to the overall flavor of a book, magazine, or website, and to your ability to notice the … Read more