The William Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland

Because of some family history and connections, I needed to get to the William Wallace Monument, which is located a short and pleasant walk from where the UK Knit Camp was held in Stirling, Scotland. I finally had a moment between two classes on my final day in Stirling and I hiked over there. The … Read more

Stirling, the castle, and the tapestry project

UK Knit Camp was held in Stirling, Scotland, which is just north of, and pretty much equidistant between, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It's an old town steeped in history. There are swans on the lake at the university, where the Knit Camp was held. The castle itself sits on volcanic rock overlooking the area. I spent … Read more

Scotland and England: a few people I’ve been meeting

I have intermittent internet connections here in the British Isles, although the USB modem I bought has been working amazingly well for where I've been. The experiences are rich. I've met so many wonderful people, including all the participants in the six classes I taught* at UK Knit Camp in Stirling, Scotland; the other presenters … Read more