Fence, part 3 (around the corner)

Continuing with the fence in Port Townsend, Washington, here's the first jog of the corner:


That elegant stretch of vertical bamboo lives next door to a jumble of gathered wood—one of my favorite sections, and one of which I didn't get a specific photo because I was too busy looking with my eyes instead of the camera lens:


The fence jogs again and we have two more corner panels:


At this point, I was beginning to marvel at how the consistency of some materials gave the entire construction a sense of unity, while the components were never used in the same way twice . . . and even though the theme was established, there was always room for an inventive, seemingly random, idea to achieve wild abandon within one of the frames.

You've probably noticed the reason for the L-shaped corner: massive, beautiful boulders that were probably just there and needed to be taken into account.

Here's the second major span of fence, which I'll show in the next segment of this sequence.



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