Wolves: Meeting and spinning with them

Wow, have I been anticipating having time to write up this particular post. I think my responsibilities for The Project have been completed for at least the next few hours, and I don't leave for my teaching time in Scotland until next week, so if I work fast maybe I can get a post written. … Read more

Fence, part 5 (second span, completed)

Here's the final installment of our journey along the fence in Port Townsend, Washington. We've turned the corner and gone most of the way up the hill along the second span. The next panel combines milled, stained wood with bamboo in a pattern that is balanced but not rigidly ordered: It's kind of amazing that … Read more

Fence, part 4 (second span, begun)

Okay, it's going to take two more groups of photos to show the final span of the fence in Port Townsend, Washington. We've turned the corner and the fence is climbing the hill. This is a repeat of the final photo in the previous post, to keep us oriented to where we are in the … Read more

Fence, part 3 (around the corner)

Continuing with the fence in Port Townsend, Washington, here's the first jog of the corner: That elegant stretch of vertical bamboo lives next door to a jumble of gathered wood—one of my favorite sections, and one of which I didn't get a specific photo because I was too busy looking with my eyes instead of … Read more

Fence, part 2 (first span)

This fence in Port Townsend, Washington, enchanted us. It starts at a modest, weathered wood gate (on the left in the photo below). Then it moves into some vertical salvaged wood, likely driftwood pieces from area beaches. From that point on, the vertical posts are consistent but each panel has a unique construction and personality. … Read more

Fence, part 1 (introduction)

I’ve had many ideas for posts that haven’t gotten written. It’s been a busy time around here. I’m distracting myself from an unfortunate event (which I do trust will involve a transient set of circumstances) related to The Project* by writing at least one post. The topic I have in mind is very photo-heavy, so … Read more