Knitting tool: Debra’s Garden needle gauge

Have I sung the praises of Debra's Garden needle gauges yet? Even if I have, they're worth multiple mentions. (Finding the gauges on the website is slightly challenging; start with this page and go on to the next page as well. If you're budget-conscious, don't be daunted by the pricing on the gold and silver … Read more

Knitting: Update on the sweater named Vivian

Now it's time for an update on my progress with the sweater called Vivian, designed by Ysolda Teague. I'm making it with Brown Sheep Lanaloft (the singles, worsted-weight, 100% wool yarn). Vivian was last seen on May 11, 6.5 weeks ago, so I'll recap the story a bit. Apologies in advance for the varied photo … Read more

Road Trip: Brown Sheep Wool Company

I've been on the road, and when I haven't been on the road I've been running to keep up with editorial and design-related questions from the publisher about the book, as well as the ongoing freelance work. So I've got piles of ideas for blog posts and they haven't been getting written. But here's one. … Read more

The afghan comes home

Winter before last, I designed and knitted an afghan based on one of spinner/knitter/adventurer Dorothy Reade's original lace patterns. Now the afghan has come home, accompanied by the book for which it was knitted, Successful Lace Knitting: Celebrating the Work of Dorothy Reade, by Donna Druchunas (published a few weeks ago by Martingale). Of course, … Read more

Book: Secret Science Alliance by Eleanor Davis and friends

So the work continues, but I essentially need to refuel in mid-air. One of the ways I do that is by reading things that come at me out of the blue (often recommended by my daughter). They can't be long. They have to be interesting enough to break through my fatigue, and different enough to … Read more