Where I’ve been working this week

This is where I have the great good fortune of working this week:


This is the same cabin I was able to use for nearly a week in January. It's a number of miles from the nearest paved road. In the entire week, no car that has not been coming specifically here (another writer friend; the cabin owners' daughter, who has a weekend job up here; the guy who plowed after the snow) has come along the road.

The neighbors live a quiet, simple life:


(If any creatures live there, they have either four feet or wings. That cabin has no roof. The cabin I'm in does have one—it's a lovely, comfortable space with a lot of light.)

There are a lot of gorgeous things to see on afternoon walks, although I need to remember to walk more slowly than usual, because there's significantly less oxygen here than even at home—which is still pretty high altitude.


Some of the cabin's regular inhabitants are here, keeping me company and assisting with the research, writing, and spinning.


Sometimes they help quite a lot—like when I improvised a lazy kate for plying some fine singles . . .


And it turned out I'd really made an irresistible toy. . . .


Even though it's cold outside, it's warm in here . . .


sometimes, because of the terrific Vermont Castings stove and the basic
solar gain of the cabin, it even gets too warm in the afternoons and I
need to open the back door for a while, giving the cats their access to the
outdoors, which they can only have on the deck because of the wildlife,
including the coyotes and owls.


I feel blessed to have been given the use of this space for the current work, which otherwise would be a whole lot more difficult to accomplish. The cabin brings it from "completely impossible" to "insane, but maybe. . . .

I have one more day here, and I'm going to start making use of it. . . .


with help.




12 thoughts on “Where I’ve been working this week”

  1. It looks to be the perfect place to support you as you make this final push. And I love how you’re alone but not, being kept company by such fabulous felines. Bravo, and yes, you can do it!

  2. You go, grrl. Keep on keepin’ on, and pet those kitties for me. I love cats SO much but Brian is allergic and I love him more.

    I hope you have plans for the letdown which is inevitable when the project is shipped out. You may need some adrenaline-management skills. I’m sure your yoga will help.

  3. Janice, this is one well-built and well-sited cabin. If the sun's out, all I need to do is start a fire in the morning and let it burn for a couple of hours, and then repeat the process at dusk. It's a delight. Because these are Rocky Mountains, I'm even getting all this heat out of (dry) softwood.

  4. Thanks, Clara. You know what kind of work this is. The cats are a kick. They definitely remember me from the other trip–it took them a couple of days to turn into pests then, and they got right into it this time! (not that I mind–they haven't actually bitten through any strands of yarn yet)

  5. Wow, that cat in a sink photo is fun! Glad you are so comfortable and able to focus on the spinning. Looks like a delightful retreat. I’m sorry I can’t join you there. 🙂

  6. Just tried to comment and not sure it let me…but that cat in the sink photo is great! Glad you are so comfortable–and productive in your cabin retreat. Wish I were there for a bit to enjoy it with you and have a short spinning visit. 🙂

  7. Hopefully you were able to recharge, as well as really work–with your helpers. What joy to have such a perfect, sequestered area to work in. May have to consider reclaiming the “shabin” this summer…

  8. I’m so eager to have this book, and now that I can see where some of the work was done and who shared in some of its crucial moments, I’m even more excited. Seeing the “how” and these charming “whos” will make reading it and researching with it even more rewarding. Thanks for taking the time here and earlier to share in the process.

    I love my dogs, but I couldn’t live without my cats. That one in the sink tells me why!

  9. So the cats come with the place as cabin mates, huh?

    Good thing you had them, otherwise you might not have been able to figure out where to brush your teeth. LOL! Funny picture!

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