Karakul lamb: wool too pretty to spin?

Working along on The Project, I've spent some time (again) recently with Karakul, the breed from which I learned so much many years ago. Some time in the 1970s, I ordered three Karakul fleeces at once: one white, one gray, and one black. If I recall correctly, they were my first whole fleeces. In washing … Read more

Roller dog

In the midst of all the other activities around here, we have been arranging for our older dog, Ariel, to have more independent mobility. She was abandoned as a tiny puppy, so we know her age but not her ancestry. Her behavior and appearance have, throughout her life, suggested a strong Border collie component with … Read more

Herdwick: like no other sheep, like no other wool

I'm way behind on blog posts: lots to say, not enough hours right now. Running fast for a deadline (that I now see in the rearview mirror and I'm still trying to meet it); there's hardly time for sleeping or eating. But here's a quick note about what I spun up yesterday: Herdwick. Sheep, Herdwicks … Read more