Handheld distaff question, with a quick overview of distaffs

A friend wrote this note to me yesterday: I had a very cool interaction with a spinner in Crete who spun with a distaff and spindle. I realized as I tried out her distaff (to be tucked under one arm) that I'd really enjoy spinning that way. Any recommendations on where to get a distaff? … Read more

Apparently not the best year for a new garden . . .

It's time for another garden report, even though there has not been much progress. Between hailstorms (I think we had five big ones) and squirrels (they have been a far more damaging force of nature than we imagined), we need a couple more months to get significant results from our gardening this year, and we're … Read more

Bike saddle question settled

I was having the darnedest time getting a saddle that I could tolerate on my new bike. I finally broke down and tried (gulp) a leather Brooks saddle. Apparently these saddles take a long time to break in, require protection from the rain, and are otherwise part of the non-synthetic world. They are not inexpensive, … Read more