Garden harvest, just a bit

We've been on the edge of first hard frost for over a week. It's predicted yet again for within the next forty=eight hours or so. Sooner or later. . . .

Meanwhile, the raised beds offer promise for next year. We got some teasers out of them this year (well, out of the two we planted; we never got around to the third because it took so much to get the other two going).


Enough basil for a double batch of pesto (three quarters frozen, one quarter eaten).

Plus parsley, sage, and thyme:


And that lovely summer squash that the packet said could be used like zucchini, although its skin is a very light green and it was so sweet and tender it made the whole garden worthwhile. All that from ONE squashlet. We might get a couple more if the frost holds off for another few days.

The parsley turned into something pesto-like (only no nuts in it) and the sage and thyme are hanging in the office, drying.

We've already got a squirrel-deterrent cover in the works to be used on one of the beds next year.

I spent last weekend enjoying locally grown foods at the Artposium in Delta County, Colorado. Yum. More on that coming up.