Garden harvest, just a bit

We've been on the edge of first hard frost for over a week. It's predicted yet again for within the next forty=eight hours or so. Sooner or later. . . . Meanwhile, the raised beds offer promise for next year. We got some teasers out of them this year (well, out of the two we … Read more

Shine A Light award nominations and voting

There's a national award process going on right now called Shine A Light, intended to "recognize small businesses for persevering in tough economic times with their concentration on community involvement." Readers who are so inclined can vote on the finalists for this award beginning 9/24/09 (the date of this post) and ending on 11/16/09 at … Read more

Gardening: summary of a year of hail and squirrels

Predictions call for a hard frost tonight. If we don't get one, we may have a few more tomatoes and the tiny zucchinis may have time to get big enough to contribute to part of a meal. However, we're close to closing out our gardening experiment for the year. It has not been a blazing … Read more