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As I mentioned, I didn’t get many firsthand photos of Sock Summit due to the other things I was paying attention to, but I do have the ability to evaluate other folks’ presentations of what happened there. Here are some more good options.

News media

The Oregonian, Oregon Living, “Have Needles, Will Knit: Portland’s First Sock Summit Is a Hit,” by Nancy Haught, Sunday August 9, 2009 (this was the front page of the living section in the Sunday paper).

The Oregonian, K2Tog: A Knitting Blog, by Peggy McMullen and Mims Copeland, “Lessons from Sock Summit,” posted by Mary Mooney, August 10, 2009.

Notes on upcoming podcasts

Twisted Stitches, “Portland Sock Summit Day 5” – These folks interviewed Barbara Walker for a podcast, and also got great photos of the Luminary Panel.

Michael Wade is starting a new podcast/news show called “Fiber Beat” and interviewed Priscilla Gibson-Roberts for it, although I don’t have any other information on that yet.


LynnH at Colorjoy! got some great photos of a couple of instructors’ feet . . . everyone’s feet were interesting during Sock Summit. . . .

Two Sock Knitters, some about Portland and some about post-Sock Summit recovery (Sock Summit was friendly to all humans who were well behaved, including infants; there was a “rock and rest” room for parents’ and tiny ones’ respite, when necessary).


Wool Candy, a great overview from a vendor, with lots of photos (although not as many as she wanted to take).

Periwinkle Sheep, a vendor’s perspective (from the end of an aisle: she had a good vantage point).

Traveller’s Yarn, “Sock Summit Report,” another vendor’s perspective (vendors seemed to do well; I was worried about a few who had booths with very limited offerings, or things not well enough aligned to the attendees’ interests).

UK Knit Camp

I’ll also mention that Jo Watson crossed the Atlantic to offer Sock Summit folks information on the UK Knit Camp, inspired by Meg Swansen’s Knit Camps and happening in Scotland in August 2010. A number of the Sock Summit instructors will be there. It promises to be a fine occasion.

Future adventures?

All indications are that Tina and Stephanie, who organized Sock Summit, will be doing more events in the future, but (1) they need to recover from Sock Summit and (2) I’m thinking they won’t repeat themselves but will keep us guessing and enthralled with their next audacious endeavor.

Maybe the convention center(s) and other suppliers will take them seriously from the start next time. They—ST-1 and ST-2 (Sock Team 1, which was Tina and Stephanie, and Sock Team 2, which included the amazing Rachel, Debbie, Debra, and JoAnn)—and a handful of exceptionally competent volunteers ran the best event (of any type) I’ve ever attended. Mind-blowingly well done. It takes a while to rest up after such a feat. . . . But maybe, just maybe, there will be less uphill battle convincing suppliers that yes, they know what they’re doing. . . .


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  1. Thanks, Leslie. Others are doing a great job–and with an event this diverse, we all need to share the bits that we saw! There was also definitely a strong sense that those who were there need to share what happened with those who couldn’t be there, for whatever reason.

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