Where I’m working on the project this weekend

Here's where I've been fortunate enough to be able to move some of my boxes to work on the project this weekend: The big yellow and red container is the backup water supply (it backs up what is in the kettle inside). See the large black bell on the pole at the edge of the … Read more

Why I have been leaving home to get work done

There's way too much happening in my work space at home. This is far from unusual. The professional organizer that I work with just says I'm doing too much in too little space. Then we work together on making the best of it. I like the space, although I sometimes express a desire to work … Read more

A little bit of the Estes Park Wool Market

Estes Park Wool Market took place in the Rocky Mountains last weekend. It's relatively near my home, so I drove up for the few hours that I could carve out of my current editing schedule. On the way up, I wondered at the near-complete-stop slowdown of traffic in the Big Thompson Canyon. Minor slowdowns are … Read more

Slow progress on building the garden’s raised beds

One of my favorite phrases is the I Ching's "perseverance furthers." Around here, it's the only thing that does. Almost everything takes much longer to accomplish than I think it should. Last week, an author I've been working with and I sent a book manuscript to its editor-at-the-publisher (I've been its developmental and line editor, … Read more

We’re grateful (again) that the garden isn’t in yet

We've been working on the raised beds between deadlines, but a few minutes ago had reason (again) to be very happy we haven't gotten the plants installed: That's hail (again). It's our neighbor's trailer, right next to our driveway. Those clumps of ice are ricocheting off our roof. Here's some of what accumulated in a … Read more