The day before Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

This will be mostly photos: it was a long travel day, after a long work day yesterday, and sometimes pictures do better than words. Late this afternoon, the festival grounds were looking about 90 percent ready for the weekend.

For those so inclined: Norm Hall is here. I almost put a deposit on one of his spinning wheels about thirty years ago at the New England Weavers' Seminar when I was working a friend's booth. One of those missed opportunities. These wheels have got to be spun on to be appreciated. Then it's obvious that they are worth every bit of care Norm puts into them. They're labors of love. It's nice to just breathe the same air as his wheels.

Moving on. . .

The fairgrounds are full of cars and boxes and tents. Not so many people yet.

Some folks are preparing with beauty treatments:


There's been some wind and light rain today. . . .


But tomorrow will be just fine:


The usual interesting license plates are appearing. . . . There are a lot of these; I catch new ones every time. . . .



May in Maryland means trees are blooming. Each year it's a question of how much.


This year: lots.


Yes. Those are all flower petals.

And here's one for those of us who have been coming here for years. All the time I've been coming to Maryland (and that's a long time, although I'm too tired right now to figure out exactly how long) there's been a run-down, abandoned place on highway 40 called the Enchanted Forest. It was apparently an amusement park from 1955 through 1989. I don't know what's going on there, but as I drove past this evening on my way to the fairgrounds there were people working on refurbishing and painting the entryway. I stopped on the way back and snapped a picture.


The Forest Motel across the street, where we stayed on a number of occasions during the festival, is closed. Maybe it will be back. The diner and soft-serve ice cream shop are still open.

Time for sleep. Tomorrow will be a big day! The festival springs to life again.


3 thoughts on “The day before Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival”

  1. Someday I’ll get to go to Maryland.
    In the meantime, try to have an even more fabulous time for those of us left behind…

  2. Great licence plates.

    I remember driving by Enchanted Forest — it always struck me as one of those places that survived well in the fifties and sixties but would succumb to paranoid parents now. Good luck to the new owners.

    (Picking up the inkle loom tomorrow, which I think almost qualifies as a S&WF “purchase”….)

  3. Yes, some day you will. It is a fine experience, especially once you know your way around and don’t get overwhelmed. Just never try to see everything! It’s not possible.

    I’ve had a grand time and am about to head to the airport, with another day to be enjoyed by other folks. But yesterday was a delight and every bit worth coming for.

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